Saturday, March 12, 2011


my very 1st self own phone -iPhone-
jealous? dont be, just a gadget that everyone had, this also same, just a little bit exp only
admire? u also can buy it what
rich? dont say like that, i broke becuz of this phone
showing off? how dare i, im just a normal guy XD

so many questions since when i own iPhone.
honestly, im quite stressed using it,
the way how ppl look at me,
the iPhone probsssss.
1st : how to jailbreak with guarantee safe
2nd : how to use itunes with correct way
3rd : how to backup in case itunes not functioning or any prob bla bla occure
4th : many many questions bout iPhone -.-

sigh ~ u see, not easy becoming a iPhone user, stupid Apple make it so strict ><.
but anywhere, im still happy that i finally own a phone.
waited for at least 6 years d ><.
shoud celebrate right XD

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